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We are working on some brand new ways to take the carbon out of crypto:

💻 CO₂ Emissions API for dApp & Web3 developers

🃏 Unique carbon-negative crypto collectables

📉 Track and offset your wallet emissions over time

If you find any of these interesting, or just want to be involved, please 👉 sign up for early access.

Please support carbon.fyi, the climate, and our favorite projects.

Cover the emissions of your wallet, your travel, or your lifestyle. It's not as expensive as you think. We've been putting in the work to find high-quality, good value, third-party verified projects who need your support. 👉👉 Offsetra.com

Carbon.fyi was created by Offsetra.

Offsetra is creating new ways to fund high-quality carbon offset projects.

...like tokenized offset crypto-art

M Carbon Dioxide was created by Sven Eberstein, backed by 1,000 tonnes of CO2 offsets from Offsetra, hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain, and sold for 15 ETH.

More carbon-negative art will be up for auction very soon.

...automated, decentralized climate finance

Spendless.io allows users to deposit DAI via an Ethereum transaction, earn interest, and redirect that interest towards Offsetra's portfolio of projects.

Confluence Analytics' My DeFi Pie Index is a non-custodial fund which lets you hold a diverse, auto-balanced portfolio of DeFi tokens, while also generating some interest for Offsetra's projects.


We've just launched Offsetra Grow, the only program that lets you track the collective positive impact that you AND your network are having on the planet. And as your network grows, you can earn rewards too!

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